La Peau Rose

Organic Dewy Shea Butter Moisturizer

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A rich, heavy bodied facial moisturizer for dry and vulnerable skin. Softens, fills out, smoothes, calms skin. Helps restore natural systemic moisture functions to help the skin produce its own moisture. Complements other topicals and may be used daily without causing skin fatigue. Apply day or night as needed.

Purified water, kosher glycerine, shea butter, methyl glucose esther, prepolymer 2, avocado extract, organic jojoba oil, polyquat 81, silicone oil, glucose sesquistearate, cellulose polymer, C12-15, ammonium alkyl esters, cetyl alcohol, rose, lavender, eucalyptus extracts

Light textured face moisturizer can be used for oily to normal skin. Apply daily as needed onto face.

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