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Organic Body Lotion

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Hiromi's body lotion is made with a blend of organic and natural ingredients, including jojoba oil, avocado extract, and safflower oil, which work together to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and supple. Also formulated with rose, lavender, and eucalyptus extracts for a subtle but heavenly neutral scent. Experience the nourishing and hydrating benefits of her Organic Body Lotion, and indulge your skin with the care it deserves. It's perfect for daily use, and it is especially beneficial for those with dry or dehydrated skin. Treat your skin to the natural and luxurious goodness of our organic body lotion, and enjoy soft, smooth, and hydrated skin all day long.

Hiromi's skincare products are free from harmful chemicals and suitable for all skin types (including sensitive and acne-prone skin).

1. Soft, smooth, supple, and hydrated skin.
2. Jojoba oil, avocado extract and safflower benefits.
3. Light, gender-neutral scent.

Best For:
All skin types.

Zinc oxide, organic green tea, epigallocatechines, peruvian clay, sodium bicarbonate, iron oxides 

Apply as needed.

Made in USA | 4oz | 1oz

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